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No. Date Description
01. 13/11/2009 Tracking System at Kuala Lumpur Subordinate Courts - update
02. 27/10/2009 Tracking System at Kuala Lumpur Subordinate Courts w.e.f. 01.11.2009
03. 07/09/2009 New Commercial Courts at Kuala Lumpur High Court
04. 08/06/2009 Registrar's Circular No. 2/2009 - Teste to Writ
05. 05/06/2009 Applications for Criminal Review at the High Court in Shah Alam (Criminal Division) (Presiding in Petaling Jaya)
06. 27/05/2009 Permitted Parking Areas along the roads in the vicinity of the Shah Alam Court Complex
07. 24/04/2009 Floor plan of the Kuala Lumpur Court Complex (As at April 2009) - to be treated as a guide only
08. 02/04/2009 Notification from the KL Bar Civil Court Liaison Committee - Execution of Civil Judgment Court at the KL Sessions Court
09. 01/04/2009 High Court Registrar Circular No. 1/2009 - Guidelines on the Filing of Draft and Fair Order/Judgment in Proceedings at the Courts in Peninsular Malaysia
10. 11/03/2009 Notification from the Shah Alam High Court (Civil Court 2) - list of cases for show cause this Friday, 13.03.2009
11. 24/02/2009 Notification from the Shah Alam Court - Kompleks Mahkamah Petaling Jaya
12. 24/02/2009 Notification from the Federal Court - Federal Court Practice Directions No. 5/2008 and 6/2008
13. 23/02/2009 Shah Alam Criminal High Court No. 6 - Management of Habeas Corpus Writ Applications
14. 18/02/2009 Notification from the Court Liaison Committee - Development at the Subordinate Courts
15. 01/02/2009 Court of Appeal Practice Direction 1/2009 - Guidelines on Filing of Draft and Fair Orders in Appellant Proceedings and Civil Application at the Court Of Appeal
16. 31/01/2009 Notification from the KL High Court: Tracking System for Civil and Commercial Divisions Commencement Date: 03.02.2009
17. 01/01/2009 Federal Court Practice Direction 6/2008 - Guidelines to file Draft Orders and Fair Orders in Appeal Proceedings and Civil Applications at the Federal Court
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