KL Bar Sub Committees

The Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee established 11 Sub Committees to undertake a host of projects and activities involving lawyers and others. The brief essential details of each of the Sub-committees are as follows:

Civil Practice & Court Liaison Committee
  • To engage with the Judiciary for the collective goal of improving the administration of justice;
  • To set in place procedures and systems to enhance the practice of law in the Kuala Lumpur Courts;
  • To foster solidarity among Civil Law practitioners in relation to their practice in the Kuala Lumpur Courts;
  • To deal with complaints of members of the Kuala Lumpur Bar in relation to their practice in the Kuala Lumpur Courts.
Corporate & Conveyancing Committee
  • To identify and resolve issues encountered by members of the Kuala Lumpur Bar in the area of corporate and/or conveyancing practices and to assist members in dealing with banks and related government departments, including the Land Offices and Registries, Stamp Duty Offices, Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) and Securities Commission Malaysia (SC);
  • To enhance the relationship and communication amongst all parties and stakeholders involved in the corporate and/or conveyancing practices;
  • To work hand-in-hand with the Conveyancing Practice Committee and the Corporate and Commercial Law Committee of the Bar Council, the Selangor Bar and other State Bars (as and when necessary) to achieve the above objectives.
Criminal Practice Committee
  • Continuous communication with the Criminal Courts, the Attorney General’s Chambers, the Police and other relevant stakeholders for the betterment of the administration of criminal justice;
  • To set in place a procedure and system to enhance the practice of criminal law in the Kuala Lumpur Courts;
  • To deal with complaints of members of the Kuala Lumpur Bar in relation to their criminal practice in the Kuala Lumpur Courts;
  • To expose and encourage young lawyers to participate in criminal practice by conducting and organising talks, seminars, workshops and criminal practice mentoring programme.
Gender Equality & Diversity Committee

The KLBC is committed to promoting excellence, diversity, respect and inclusion at the Bar consistent with the principles of justice and equality. Towards this end, the Gender Equality & Diversity Committee has been established to lead the development, implementation and initiatives designed to:

  • support a non-discriminatory workplace culture at the Bar;
  • identify and seek to address barriers and unconscious bias that are faced by members based on gender, sexuality or disability which may hamper genuine equality of opportunity;
  • educate members on best equality and diversity practices through the development of introductory and more advanced training modules.
Information Technology & Publications Committee
  • Promote the use of Information Technology (IT) by lawyers;
  • Explore new ways in which IT can improve members’ professional practice;
  • Improve the communication of the Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee (“KLBC”) with members on issues and concerns of members;
  • Responsible for the enhancement of the IT system at the KL Bar Secretariat;
  • Oversee the management of the KL Bar Website (www.klbar.org.my), development of website, App and Membership Management And Payment System and all other Social Media network that KLBC operates;
  • Create public awareness on Laws related to IT;
  • Professional Development Courses on Laws related to IT for members;
  • Focus on the publication of selected materials on the KL Bar Blog for members of the Malaysian Bar.
Professional Development Committee
  • Develop and implement Professional Development programmes for members of the Kuala Lumpur Bar. It offers members and pupils, through its various programmes, an opportunity to fortify their legal knowledge and updates in the legal developments in their area of expertise. This would include programmes designed to ensure that pupils and members are equipped with all relevant skills to meet the challenges of this competitive industry;
  • The PDC is also designed to inculcate and imbue the importance of professional development so as to ensure the overall objective of career development and advancement;
  • To develop training and delivery skills for members of the Kuala Lumpur Bar who are interested to be speakers for the Professional Development programmes or as speakers or trainers for other programmes as an extension of their professional practice;
  • The PDC will assist in organising programmes for members in order to have sufficient avenues to collect CPD points, in light of the CPD Scheme.
Pupils Committee
  • Monitoring all issues concerning the welfare and well-being of pupils throughout the pupillage period;
  • Recommending remedies, solutions and courses of action in order to address any issues raised by pupils, Masters and the Courts concerning the welfare of pupils;
  • Promoting continuous professional development of pupils through workshops, seminars, dialogues, etc;
  • Providing a platform for pupils to effectively voice their concerns over any issue that may arise in the course of their pupillage;
  • Providing a social and networking platform by organising social events to bridge the gap between pupils and practitioners and to create closer ties among pupils.
Recreation, Social & Culture Committee
  • Organising events to promote interaction and comradeship amongst fellow members of the Bar and with the Courts and Government Agencies;
  • Raising funds for charitable/community projects.
Small Firms & Practitioners’ Affairs Committee

The newly minted Small Firms & Practitioners’ Affairs Committee came to fruition with these objectives in mind:

  • To address the ‘bread & butter’ issues faced by practitioners in Kuala Lumpur;
  • To venture out for ways to harmonise the business elements into legal practice;
  • To work towards bringing small firms (five practitioners and below) into the age of Information Technology (IT);
  • In constant search of ways to improve the working conditions of practitioners in Kuala Lumpur.
Sports Committee
Organising sports activities to promote interaction amongst fellow members of the Bar, including at inter-state level, the tripartite bar games and with members of other bodies such as the Royal Selangor Club.

Young Lawyers Committee

Advising and organising programmes on all matters of concern to young lawyers including:

  • Discrimination, harassment and welfare;
  • Leadership and professional development;
  • Networking within and beyond the Bar;
  • Retention of talent and career progression;
  • Social justice and community service;
  • Training and entry into the Bar.

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