Admission Requirements

For the latest guidelines, please contact the Legal Profession Qualifying Board Malaysia at:

Tel: (603) – 2691 0054 / (603) – 2691 0080
Fax: (603) – 2691 0142

Guidelines on Qualifications and Requirements for Recognition of holders of Australian and New Zealand Law Degrees to become ‘Qualified Person’ under the Legal Profession Act 1976 …
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Certificate in Legal Practice

This Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP) is one of those qualifications entitling the holder to become a qualified person. The examination is conducted by the Board by virtue …
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When the Order of Admission is made on the Petition the next step is to obtain a Practising Certificate from the Registrar. Section 29 sets out the procedure. A necessary preliminary to obtaining the Practising Certificate …
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Format of “Call to Bar” Speech

1st paragraph

to introduce the mover and representatives of the Attorney General’s chambers, Bar Council and the Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee

2nd paragraph

to state:
(i) the petitioner’s name
(ii) the institution where the petitioner graduated from
(iii) post degree qualifications eg Bar Vocational Course, CLP
(iv) the chambers where the petitioner underwent pupillage

3rd paragraph

the mover to thank certain people on behalf of the petitioner (eg parents, spouse/master)
to state:
(i) the petitioner is a fit and proper person to be admitted and enrolled as an Advocate and Solicitor
(ii) all papers in order
(iii) no objections from the three bodies

to pray that the petitioner be admitted and enrolled as an Advocate and Solicitor

Guidelines for Borang 1 – 8

Digitising New Petition Applications

The Kuala Lumpur Courts have implemented the e-filing system which includes the filing for Petition for Admission to the High Court of Malaya.

In line with this, The Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee will be going paperless and will commence digitising all new Petition Applications with effect from 2 February 2017.

All Petition documents from that date onwards, to be emailed to petition@klbar.org.my.

This only affects the Petitioners that will be serving their “Borang 1 & 2” from 2 February 2017 onwards.

All existing Petitioners to continue serving their documents at the KL Bar Secretariat.

Please take note.

Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee / Celebrating 25 Years of Service




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